Focal point is really helpful and supportive. Come to Focal Point if you wish to go for your further studies

Prakash Sharma
Manager , Gateway

I started here at Focal Point almost a year ago. I studied both IELTS and SAT here at Focal Point and I must say teachers and counselors are so helpful here. – USA

Manisha Baral
Managing Director, GNCo.

Focal Point is a great place to start if you have no idea about applying abroad. Parajuli ma’am is very professional and provides accurate information.- Asha Karki UK

Asha Karki
Manager , WAN

Focal Point Consultancy has given me amazing platform by helping me to boost my confidence during SAT, IELTS and interview preparations too. Without effort and dedication of faculty member of Focal Point the placement of my US-institution wouldn’t have been possible. Indeed, thank you entire team for everything.

Mahendra Katwal
Chief Executive Officer, PKR

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