Working Procedure

When students/ parents visit us, we conduct an interview. On the basis of information found, we advise appropriate course and country to them. But we never manipulate and brainwash them regarding study destination as to where to study and the subject to study. Apart from giving information from our side we also provide them different materials and internet links so that they can conduct their own research.

As the student finalizes the destination country and the course, we advise them to join test preparation or language courses for their better opportunity. We also help them book seats for different language tests and conduct classes for them if they found it necessary. At the end of the class and in midway through we, from time to time, take mock tests not only to mark students’ progress but also to give them necessary suggestions and also focus on their weak areas.

After students have secured minimum required marks in different language tests we ask them to apply for enrollment in the university. When they have got the offer letter (I-20)/ Letter of Offer, we guide them about financial capacity documents. Once the documents get approved by the college/university students become ready to pay the tuition fee for most of the countries. Then, we send students to make NOC (No Objection Certificate) to the Foreign Study License Management Section (known as NOC section), Ministry of Education, Keshar Mahal, Kathmandu.

Among the English speaking countries for all the countries except USA, students have to send tuition fee for at least one term before visa application. About a week after the fee is collected in the institution’s account we get Certificate of Enrollement (COE) whereupon we become ready to lodge visa. Some countries like Australia also require to pay health insurance fee for students covering the total years of study as part of the visa lodgment. Both the tuition fee and health insurance cost will be refunded if visa got declined.

If student gets visa, for needy ones we arrange ticket and airport pickup . We also give orientation of what to do or what not to do in the immigration and in abroad. Not only that we conduct classes about culture and manner to be maintained in the respective country. Likewise, with the help of abroad party, we also conduct some post landing services like visa extension, hostel arrangement and so on.

Visa is not a right. Sometimes students can be rejected for a visa. If it happens , we arrange refund process for the tuition fee. Students have to wait minimum of 1 month for that. The fees of application, courier, test preparation etc. are nonrefundable. Only the tuition of fee is refunded. However, different universities might reduce certain percentages from the total fee before sending the paid tuition fee to the students. But students will be informed about it before their application process begins.